August Dering Photography Masterclasses Mega Bundle

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August Dering Mega Bundle


August Dering – People Retouching Masterclass
August Dering – Photoshop Masterclass
August Dering – Photography Composition Quickstart
August Dering – Mastering Double Processing
August Dering – Editorial Photography Quickstart
August Dering – RAW Processing Masterclass
August Dering – Mastering Exposure Blending
August Dering – Black & White Photography Prints Quickstart
August Dering – Camera Masterclass
August Dering – Signature Capture One Styles Bundle
August Dering – Dramatic Black & White Masterclass


This course is all about the camera and the principals of photography. Learn the cornerstones of camera control – things like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, equivalent exposures and much more. If you’re scratching your head wondering what some of those terms are, and why they’re…


RAW Processing

I’ll teach you how to edit your photos like a pro in Capture One. In this comprehensive course, I cover all of the essential knowledge to quickly and efficiently edit your photos to make them look their best. I’ll teach you how to use all the essential tools that are specific to Capture One. Lear…



Learn how to edit your photos like a pro in Photoshop. Edit alongside me and quickly master the essential tools in Photoshop. Learn how easy it is to master Photoshop and how, with a few of my tips, your photos can be more striking.


Double Processing

If you want the maximum dynamic range while maintaining realistic results, then you need to know how to double process your raw files. Learn to stretch your camera’s dynamic range to the max with this comprehensive course designed to take you to the expert level of raw double processing.


Exposure Blending

Master the art of exposure blending and create epic images without the “HDR” look. Your camera is only capable of capturing a certain range between pitch-black shadows and bright white highlights. In this course, I’ll teach you how to stretch that range and capture the full range of tones.


Dramatic Black & White

Learn the essential knowledge to compose, edit, and print incredible black and white images like a pro. This masterclass covers everything you need to know to create dramatic, dynamic, and engaging black and white photographs. Master of the art of black and white photography with this course. …



As a photographer who’s worked with some of the top celebrity professionals, I’ll teach you my favorite techniques to achieve professional-quality results. You’ll learn how to smooth natural-looking skin, achieve perfect skin tones, reshape your subject without disturbing the background, add much…

Quickstart Series


Photography Composition

Learn how to compose dynamic and captivating photographs, every time. I’ll teach you how and why you can apply these concepts to create dynamic and engaging compositions.

Editorial Photography

From start to finish, learn how to plan, photograph and edit a professional shoot. On this course, you’ll learn the best way to approach client meetings, the importance of collaboration, communication and pre-planning, and more.

Black & White Prints

Learn how to digitally print museum-quality black & white photos like a darkroom master. I’ll remove all of the guesswork out of choosing the right printer and paper and save you time and money in the process.

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August Dering Photography Masterclasses Mega Bundle
Original price was: $1,000.00.Current price is: $79.99.