Believe In Boudoir – Lighting for Boudoir

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Believe In Boudoir – Lighting for Boudoir DOWNLOAD

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:Fundamentals of LightingWorking with Different Lighting Sources (Workshops)4 Major Boudoir Lighting Styles

  • Low-key Lighting (Workshop)
  • High-key Lighting (Workshop)
  • Silhouette (Workshop)
  • Semi-silhouette (Workshop)

VIDEOS:🔆 Fundamentals of Lighting

  • Highlights and Shadows
  • Controlling the Light
  • Types of Light Modifiers
  • Soft light & Hard light
  • Practical Light & Accent Light
  • Motivated & Unmotivated Light
  • Types & Positions of Light

💡 Lighting Sources

  • Intro to Light Sources
  • Natural Light
  • Speedlight
  • Flashes
  • Continuous Light
  • Conclusion on Light Sources

💄 Boudoir Lighting Styles

  • Low Key Lighting
  • High Key Lighting
  • Silhouette and Semi-Silhouette



Yuliya Panchenko is a boudoir and nude photographer and educator, the master of posing and lighting for boudoir, and the founder of Believe in Boudoir.

Her exceptional photography style is known as sensual, intimate, elegant, and artistic. Yuliya’s goal as a boudoir and nude photographer/educator is to expand the boudoir photography genre around the world, increase the standards, and share her skills.

Yuliya has mentored 100s of photographers on her workshops , taught 1,000s of photographers through her online platform, and influenced millions through her YouTube channel.

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Believe In Boudoir - Lighting for Boudoir
Original price was: $299.00.Current price is: $45.00.