God Tier Ads Framework+Bonuses by Ed Leake

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God Tier Ads Framework+Bonuses by Ed Leake

Streamline Google Ads Optimisation & Improve Results Within 29 Days, Or Your Money Back.
God Tier Ads Framework is the always updated Google Ads training, giving you instant clarity and done-for-you templates, so you don’t devote your life to the machine.
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A Framework So Good – Other Gurus And PPC Course Creators Love To Copy It…

Inside the God Tier Framework you will find checklists, SOPs, cheat sheets and guides for everything.

  • The most detailed 400+ step PPC Checklist for Google Ads – ever
  • Including the important bits of Google Analytics 4 (migration + conversion tracking)
  • Identify and optimise Macro and Micro conversions
  • 150+ quick notes for shortcuts and instant guidance
  • SOPs galore, for planning, building and optimising campaigns
  • Account structure templates (with wireframe examples)
  • Search, yes – Performance Max, Shopping, YouTube & Remarketing
  • Benchmark and find the right attribution model
  • How to diagnose and scale Smart Bidding
  • Weekly & Monthly Optimisation routines
  • Repeatable step-by-step processes
  • Automations + scripts for automating tedious tasks
  • And more, there’s always mooooore…

And yes, you get free lifetime updates.

What About Those Automations?

Are you expecting AI to fix all of your problems and do everything for you? Yeah, good luck with that…

But God Tier Ads does include automations, shortcuts and even templates for creating competitor crushing ad copy using ChatGPT.

Who Created The Training?

Hey, I’m Ed Leake. 👋

I was co-founded in 1982 and built my first website in ’96.


The framework is based on my 12 years of Google Ads experience spanning $250,000,000 (and counting) in ad spend. Across 100’s of different industries and verticals around the world.

I don’t drive 3 Lambos.

But I am the owner of a PPC agency where we only get paid based on results.

I acquired Adboozter and founded AdEvolver, the Google Ads automation tool that makes clients call you happy.

And as my mother would proudly tell you –

I was voted the 6th “Most Influencial PPC Expert of 2021”.

I’ll try harder next year…

And unlike some gurus, I still actively manage accounts and practice what I teach.

*cough* incoming name drop *cough*

You might have seen me featured on the BBC, Search Engine Journal, Data Feed Watch, Ahrefs blog, Hubspot, Shopify and more.

I’m not very fun at parties.



P.S. No Facebook Community access included

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God Tier Ads Framework+Bonuses by Ed Leake
Original price was: $595.00.Current price is: $65.00.