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Confidently create photos you love.

Ditch the frustration of learning photography via disconnected tutorials, and instead, follow a step by step framework that will help you take beautiful photos with ease!


Auto to Awesome is a foolproof, step by step online training program to transform your photos from meh to magnificent – FAST!

If you feel constantly frustrated and disappointed because you can’t capture the scene the way you want to, it’s not your fault!

Almost every new photographer gets stuck into the same soul crushing cycle – constantly scrambling for new “tips and tricks”, reading scattered tutorials that don’t make sense together, and spending HOURS practising….but never feeling happy with the results.

In this program, you’ll get a foolproof, flexible framework to follow that you shows you, step by step and setting by setting, how to get professional level photos of your family and everyday life that you LOVE (& can’t wait to share)

Check out our students photos here!

Inside Auto to Awesome you’ll get…

  • Online Video Training Modules
  • Step by Step Training in the 6 core areas of photography
  • Unique Shooting Frameworks
  • Camera Set Up Demos
  • Homework & Fun Practice Exercises
  • Printable Cheat Sheets
  • Binder Notes
  • Knowledge Quizzes
  • Revisit as often as you want with “Lifetime” Access
  • Printable Learning Calendars
  • Additional Bonus courses & resources

This course is PERFECT for you if you’re…

  • A new photographer, and you want to skip the years of frustration and fast track your growth.
  • Still shooting in AUTO or a semi-automatic mode, and manual mode still scares you a little bit (or a lot!)
  • More experienced, but you still can’t consistently get the results you want, and you feel like there’s something you must be missing.
  • Ready to confidently get great photos in camera, and stop spending hours trying to “save” photos in editing.
  • A mom or grandparent who wants to beautifully capture their families and loved ones.
  • OR a multi-passionate photographer who wants to embrace their creative side and enjoy taking beautiful, memory making photos.
  • Ready to learn a lifelong skill that you can use every single day to capture the beauty around you, whether you’re a first time mom photographing your child or a grandma capturing their travels.
  • Or maybe you’re thinking of going pro, so you can earn money doing something you love.

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Live Snap Love - Auto To Awesome
Original price was: $297.00.Current price is: $57.00.