Nino Batista Advanced Retouching Tutorial Collection 2023

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Nino Batista Advanced Retouching Tutorial Collection 2023:

  • The ideal training collection for intermediate or advanced retouchers looking to really step up their portrait retouching.
  • Over 13 hours of instruction.
  • The technical WHY of what I do, and not just the steps to follow. Technical discussion and training on many processes and methods. 
  • Retouching philosophy discussion, get inside my brain a little to understand why I do what I do in terms of vision.
  • Hours and hours of detailed retouching training using Adobe Photoshop and Capture One Pro. 
  • Capture One Pro to Adobe Photoshop full workflow, raw to final.
  • Taking an edit to 100% completion using only Capture One Pro (correction, skin work, color work, finalizing, etc).
  • Detailed instruction on different “reconstructions” of portraits (major skin creases, tan lines, etc).
  • Different Photoshop tricks I’ve not really shown too often.
  • New sets of NBP Actions (Workflow Sets 1-3, Actions 10: Harmonize + Tone, Actions 11: Select  + Mask  + Blend, Actions 12: Chroma + Luma, Actions 13: Randomizers, Actions 14: Skin Depth Pro) all included.
  • New set of NBP Styles for Capture One Pro, “Styles 5: Advanced Raw”, to take your raw work to new heights, plus a bonus: NBP Style Brushes 1 also included.

NOTE: When you purchase these videos, you will receive several emails:  Your order confirmation, your receipt, and a separate email with the videos download link.  Sometimes these emails are delayed a few minutes.  These files are of course very large so they are delivered in different ways.  Contact us if there are any problems, thanks!Required to use Photoshop CC22 or newer, Capture One Pro 23 or newer, Mac (Intel or M1/M2) or any current Windows system. Tutorial is in English language.

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Nino Batista Advanced Retouching Tutorial Collection 2023
Original price was: $249.00.Current price is: $59.99.