Taylor Jackson – Booking More Elopements

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Taylor Jackson – Booking More Elopements

Full walkthrough of how to generate elopement and small wedding leads on demand.


Let’s face it, this year has been really hard for wedding photographers.
In March/April, my entire season either postponed, or drastically changed their wedding plans.

I went from 60 normal weddings booked this year, to 4. (Which are still unlikely to happen in October)

After planning such large weddings, very few of my couples wanted to plan elopements. Which means, they moved their weddings to 2021 and 2022.

My 2020 is now pretty vacant.

I want to shoot more, both for money, and also because it’s fun.

With none of my couples really having weddings this year, I have to rebook an entire season.

This is how it was done step by step.

You have access to all the templates and scripts I used:
– Pricing Templates
– Email Templates
– Website Landing Page Template
– Advertising Templates

It is everything you need to generate a significant number of incoming leads for yourself today.

THE DOWNSIDE is that you have a limited window of the next few months to really make this worth your while.

What’s included?

 13 videos 1 file 3 text files



Website Landing Page Template
TJ Elopement Pricing Template.zip
Font for Template
Email Templates
1. Elopements and Small Weddings

01. How Weddings Are Now Different .mp4
11 mins
02. Understanding The Industry.mp4
13 mins
03. First Steps .mp4
11 mins
2. How Gear Has Changed

04. Gear – Cameras and Lenses. What’s different. .mp4
24 mins
3. Pricing

05. Pricing.mp4
16 mins
4. Important Advanced Ideas

06. Advanced Wedding Photography Business.mp4
14 mins
07. Getting The Right Clients.mp4
13 mins
5. The Strategy

08. Organic Vs. Paid.mp4
10 mins
09. The 2 Key Strategies .mp4
11 mins
10. How I Got 50 Leads In A Week..mp4
12 mins
11. The Instagram Ads.mp4
8 mins
12. The Facebook Ad.mp4
10 mins
13. Important Thoughts.mp4
14 mins
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Taylor Jackson - Booking More Elopements
Original price was: $179.00.Current price is: $29.99.