Unscripted Studio with Brandon Li

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Unscripted Studio with Brandon Li


Adventure Cinematography is the step-by-step training program and community where you learn by actually doing.You will know how to create unforgettable, artistic videos that visually and connect emotionally with your audience.Youll tell the stories you want to tell and learn how to develop your own unique storytelling style as a filmmaker.


Over the next 12 weeks, Ill walk you through everything you need to know about making great videos.

We go over each of the specific filmmaking skills in detail using real life examples in the field.

Technical ability

I have created detailed and specific trainings to walk you through every tip, trick and move that I know and use throughout my videos. They are designed in a way that you can move through them at your own pace as well as practice and perfect each skill.

Thorough and varied examples In the field which allow you to see over my shoulder as Im filming. Its the next best thing to actually being with me on a shoot.

Learn how to make the most out of the gear you already have. Maximize the value of each item in your kit.

Deep dive on my specific handheld camera and gimbal movements, as well as my tried-and-tested process for improvised storytelling, improvisational editing and a lot more.

Once youve learned and practiced the specific skills that go into creating a great video, youre going to really cement those skills in place by making your own travel video project.

Ill explain a bit more.The best way to learn is by practicing and I break it down into a step-by-step process where you can look over my shoulder and see behind the scenes of every scene I shoot.


This is the part where Unscripted Studio becomes more than just a course: once you are confident that youve learned and practiced the essential skills that go into making quality content, we combine everything and make a great travel film, step-by-step, together.

Icreated a film specifically for Unscripted Studio and its the most in-depth teaching Ive ever done.

The point of making this video isnt to be the highlight of your portfolio (although it certainly can be).

The point is for you to create a project that allows you to apply all of your skills that result in making a full video of your own. Its the best way to learn!

Most importantly youll know why I make those choices.

I want you to see and understand my entire process, but Im not doing this so that you can just copy what I do!

My goal is to give you the short cut to making a great film as the first step to developing your own voice as a storyteller

The reason why this is called Unscripted is that often the best parts of filmmaking happen in ways we could never have predicted or planned for but that doesnt mean we cant be prepared!

Support Network

Having a group of creative friends and collaborators around the world to support your journey is essential.

Youre always able to get the answers you need.

We have in-person meetups around the world.

We are not alone! Many of the places Ive been able to gain access to and the connections Ive been able to make have all come from this great community. The ability to bring people together in this way is the part Im the most excited about with Unscripted Studio

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Unscripted Studio with Brandon Li
Original price was: $697.00.Current price is: $79.99.