William Patino – Focus Stacking Masterclass

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William Patino – Focus Stacking Masterclass


Learn how to produce amazing tack sharp images using my field-tested focus stacking workflow.

This masterclass will teach you all of my techniques for composing, shooting, and editing a tack sharp landscape image. Beginner or pro, these techniques will boost your ability and confidence in producing amazing, gallery-worthy images.

My secrets for creating expansive and dramatic landscape images.

This course is for you if…

Your editing process is frustrating and the final images just aren’t what you hoped.

You’ve struggled to add clouds to an empty sky in a believable way.

You feel like your understanding of composition is holding you back.

Imagine you could…

  • Effectively compose, capture, and edit grand landscapes with minimal gear.
  • Post-process with ease to create depth and atmosphere.
  • Know the simple and rapid methods to focus stack landscapes for epic photos.


Hear what landscape photographers have to say…

“Finally, an all-inclusive tutorial series that demystifies the shooting and processing techniques we all want to know.”
– P.O.

“I have always been a bit discouraged from some of the options in photoshop but, after getting these tips from William, I understand so much more about what they can do and how to make landscapes look vibrant while still very natural. Thank you!”
– I.H.

“Having a lot of winter scenes where I live, this course was invaluable! I love the easy methods William teaches in this series. I have been inspired to get out there and work on honing my camera and post-processing skills.”
– P.L.

Units – 21


Length – 3h 34m


Level – Beginner



In this lesson, Will introduces the course, outlining what’s ahead and things to consider.

In The Field

Follow Will in the field as he hikes beside glacial waters and towering peaks, using a focus stack method to capture dramatic foreground details and Mount Cook during a winter’s afternoon.

File Selection

Step into the editing suite as Will begins processing on a RAW file, showcasing the image selected and reasons why he chose that file.

Basic Global Adjustments

See how Will begins his post-processing in Adobe Camera Raw, making effective global adjustments to improve the exposure and dynamic range across multiple raw files.

Local Adjustments

In this lesson, Will showcases effective ways to process localized portions of the image to enhance detail and light.

Focus Stacking

Learn how to blend several exposures together to create a single file that is tack sharp from front to back.

Adding Cloud

See how to manually blend appropriate clouds into the sky to fill the negative space.

Local White Balance Adjustments

In this lesson, Will makes color adjustments in localized portions of the image.


Learn how to enhance luminosity across an image to create more depth and visual impact.

Warping Foreground

In the lesson, you will learn a simple and effective tool for warping and adjusting the composition.

Cloning Foreground

Will uses the clone tool to repair fuzzy portions in the foreground.

Final Adjustments

Will makes final and essential adjustments before completing the processing.


Will closes out the course with some final thoughts and considerations.

Part II


In this lesson, Will introduces the course, outlining what’s ahead and things to consider.

In The Field

Follow Will out into the field as he discusses his approach to finding a composition, required settings for a sharp image, capturing a sun star and handheld focus stacking.

Basic Processing Adjustments

Step into the digital darkroom and learn simple and powerful exposure and contrast adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw.

Focus Stack And Transforming

Learn how to ‘focus stack’ an image, blending together two exposures to create an infinite depth of field. Will also covers some warping and transformation techniques to make framing adjustments.

Light And Diffusion

Understanding light is key to landscape photography and in this lesson Will shows his methods for enhancing natural light to help lead the eye. You will also learn effective techniques for diffusin…

Removing Distractions

Have areas of a photo that you’d like to remove? In this lesson, Will cleans up some of the forest, removing distractions and flares in Photoshop.

Dodging And Warping

Learn how to further boost and enhance light to create tonal separation and make your image pop, as Will runs through some dodging methods. Local warping is also applied to create extra symmetry be…


Course summary and outline for moving forward.

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William Patino - Focus Stacking Masterclass
Original price was: $197.00.Current price is: $47.00.