William Patino – Landscape Photography Gear Masterclass

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William Patino – Landscape Photography Gear Masterclass


Honest insight into the gear you do and don’t need to create award-winning imagery.

From the lenses, camera bodies, and accessories, Will explains why and why not he uses certain gear, showcasing examples images, and valuable considerations for you to take on board. With no sales pitches or plugs, get honest input on wide-angle lenses, mid-range zoom, telephoto lenses, filters, and tripods.

Hear what landscape photographers have to say…


“Being a fan of William’s work for a few years now, I was thrilled when I saw this course available. This course taught me so many easy-to-do basics that improved my work immensely in just a few weeks. I very much recommend his easy-going method and style over other classes in photography I have taken before.”
– K.I.

“I have been involved with Landscape Photography (as a hobbyist) for nearly a decade. William gets right to the point with some of the issues I have been dealing with. I have been inspired again to get out and shoot more since I have finished and even friends and family have noticed some of the differences for the better. I attribute this to Williams’ expert knowledge.”
– E.R.

“I have been trying to tighten up my Landscape game for a while now. I saw this course and am so happy I started taking his course. In just the first 2 modules he helped me figure out some fundamentals I have had yet to grasp on my own. Thanks, William, much obliged.”
– P.H.

Units – 9

Length – 1h 13m

Level – Beginner/Intermediate



In this lesson, Will introduces the course, outlining what’s ahead and things to consider.


A brief overview of Will’s equipment and what he carries with him on a shoot.

Camera Body

Will breaks down his camera body, explaining what he uses and why.

Wide Angle Lens

Learn about wide-angle lenses, what Will uses along with example images.

Mid-Range Zoom Lens

Learn about mid-range zoom lenses as Will breaks down what he uses, explaining why and also sharing some example images.

Telephoto Lens

Learn about telephoto lenses as Will breaks down what he uses and also shares some example images.


In this lesson, Will talks about common filters used in landscape photography and why he doesn’t necessarily use them at all.


Learn about tripods and why Will doesn’t use them very often.

Outro Summary

Summary and final thoughts on gear and equipment.

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William Patino - Landscape Photography Gear Masterclass
Original price was: $97.00.Current price is: $22.00.