Dare Cinema – Complete Training Bundle

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Dare Cinema – Complete Training Bundle

With almost 13 hours of training, this is the complete curriculum you need to kick-start your filmmaking career.


Beginning Photography

33 LESSONS | 3H 54M


This four-hour course, split into 33 lessons will teach you the essentials of photography that every photographer uses today. This is one of the best ways to learn photography!


DSLR Video – Cinemagraphs



Learn how to take a scene you love and turn it into a beautiful animation or cinemagraph that will help your work stand out.


Animating Still Photos – Titles & Motion

8 LESSONS | 1H 39M


This 2-hour course is designed to teach photographers, videographers and aspiring motion graphics artists a simple but great looking technique for bringing still photos to life in a way that drag and drop slideshows simply cannot replicate.


Making Films From Your Photos

11 LESSONS | 3H 39M


Learn how to create visual magic with your photography so you can showcase your images in a unique and interesting way.


Premiere: Editing Quickstart

17 LESSONS | 2H 17M


Master the fundamentals of video editing with Premiere Pro and start creating amazing movies of your own.


DSLR Video – Camera Angles

10 LESSONS | 1H 8M


Learn the secret ingredients you need to create amazing and professional videography with your DSLR.


Imagine you could…

  • Feel confident and inspired when shooting.
  • Work quickly and produce beautiful and professional imagery.
  • Know how to get the most from the gear you have right now.


More dimension

Almost 13 hours of training – six courses designed to help you create the best work possible with the tools you already have. You’ll learn how to start using your camera like a pro, how to frame your shots and master camera angles, as well as a full post-production training. I’ll also teach you a couple of my favorite methods for creating amazing attention-grabbing content to boost your online presence.

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Dare Cinema - Complete Training Bundle
Original price was: $702.00.Current price is: $147.00.