Splash Photography Bundle by Photigy


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Splash Photography Bundle by Photigy

Splash Photography

600 Splashes to cover every creative need with Milk on black backgrounds and on white, Oil, Chocolate, Transparents and Solid colors.

What’s Included?

Milk on Black Splash


$47 included

Brilliant white splash effects shot against a black background making compositing and extracting easier.

Solid Paint Splash



You were probably wishing that you had a bunch of really cool solid color splashes in this pack. Consider it granted!

Milk on White Splash


Getting the lighting perfect for white splashes against a subtle white background is really difficult. So, we’ve done it for you!

Oil Splash


Oil splashes against subtle backgrounds with different degrees of coloring giving you splashes that look like liquid glass, liquid gold and other cool hues.

Transparent Splash


100 transparent splashes in a multitude of hues for all your splash needs. Blues, reds, pinks, yellows, greens. They’re all here and ready for use.


Here is a summary of everything you get:



Chocolate Splash Stock Images ($47)

Milk on White Splash Stock Images ($47)

Milk on Black Splash Stock Images ($47)

Oil Splash Stock Images ($47)

Transparent Splash Stock Images ($47)

Solid Paint Splash Stock Images ($47)


Splash Photography

600 Splashes to cover every creative need with Milk on black backgrounds and on white, Oil, Chocolate, Transparents and Solid colors.

Expand your image editing toolbox with, well, a splash of creativity.

This bundle is for you if…

You love splash effects but don’t have the studio space to create your own.

Your composite images are lacking creativity and could use some punchy splashes.

You don’t have the time to create your own splashes or are struggling to get them right.

Imagine you could…

  • Have high-quality splashes available for your use.
  • Give your image composites a splash of color rapidly and easily.
  • Have access to hundreds of great splash effects which also work as great backgrounds.

Hear What Photographers Have to Say…

“I first bought these just to use as a reference as I was practicing my own splashes, but I then had an urgent job where I put these to the test and they worked great!”
– Jerry Z.

“I have a lot of sites I use for stock images when I’m designing client ads, but I already had some of Alex’s courses and decided I would try these as well. I was impressed by how easy they were to key and drop in. Great job as always!”
– Rebeka M.

“I must say I’m relieved to have found these. While fun to make my own effects in my small garage studio, it’s really messy and a lot of work. And truth be told, Alex’s are a lot nicer than what I was achieving. Good buy.”
– Richard C.


“Splash effects are one of the best-looking photographic effects for adding motion, color, and creativity to your composites. I’m really proud to offer this Splash effect bundle which represents hundreds of hours of experimentation, work, and getting the perfect shot for each splash.”

Alex Kosolov
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Splash Photography Bundle by Photigy