Vera Change Education – Beauty Retouching

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Vera Change Education – Beauty Retouching


Raw processing, cleaning, Dodge & Burn, colour grading, beauty retouching workflow, exporting and archive

Follow my retouching workflow for the best, high-end results. This is easy to understand, simple to follow and effective retouching course focusing on flawless skin editing, eyes enhancing, skin tone colour corrections and colour grading for commercial beauty photography.

In this course, I am showing you on 2 images how to achieve natural yet flawless finish, differences between retouching tools, my system of working with Photoshop and Capture One, and offer advice on hardware and archiving your photography work – all together in over 140 minutes of videos.

Extra with this bundle:

2 beauty photography practice files, dodge and burn action, eyes enhancing action, liquify action, simple exposure correction action, eyebrows brushes and eyelash brushes for Photoshop.

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Videos in retouching course

1.jpg1. Raw processing and software.png
1. Raw processing and software
2.jpg2. Cleaning and Dodge and Burn.png
2. Cleaning and Dodge & Burn
3.jpg3. Skin colour correction.png
3. Skin colour correction
4.jpg4. Eyes and makeup.png
4. Eyes and makeup
5.jpg5. Lips, hair, nails and liquify.png
5. Lips, hair, nails and liquify
6.jpg6. Colour grading.png
6. Colour grading
7.jpg7. Exporting and archiving.png
7. Exporting and archiving
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Vera Change Education - Beauty Retouching
Original price was: $130.00.Current price is: $25.00.